Ten of the Best Vinyl Record Subscription Services in 2023

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Across the vinyl community, there is a shared appreciation for the experience of collecting and playing records.

We all have an affection for the physical product and the extra dimension it brings to the music we love.

As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, there is a growing number of vinyl record subscriptions and record clubs available that can add to the overall experience and help to grow your collection.

Want to recommend any vinyl clubs you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s our pick of the best vinyl subscription services (each with their own merits) to help you discover a world of new music on vinyl.

1. Vinyl Me, Please (VMP)

The World’s Leading Premium Vinyl Record Subscription

VMP is perhaps the most widely known and established record club out there.

With their core “Essentials” package, you will receive a deluxe edition vinyl each month, plus a collectible art print, and exclusive liner notes.

Alternative options include the “classics” package for the best Jazz, Blues, & Soul. Or, the “Rap & Hip Hop” package, which features a broad range of artists and styles from across these genres.

Monthly releases are announced before your record ships, so you can easily swap your record option if you’re not “feeling it.” Membership starts at $33 per month, and they will ship internationally (although the cost does increase a little).

Check it out

Check out our full review of VMP including a video unboxing

2. Vinyl Moon – Deluxe Vinyl Subscription Box

Art & Vinyl Records

If a broad range of new music combined with beautiful art sound appealing, then Vinyl Moon is the vinyl record subscription box for you.

Best described as a “mixtape on vinyl”, each release includes up-and-coming musicians pressed to beautiful colored vinyl with unique artwork created by a visual artist.

Each package is truly a work of art and a great way to celebrate and play with the vinyl format. At $34 a month (or $31 a month for an annual subscription), subscribers receive a Deluxe Discovery Vinyl, a booklet of lyrics, plus art and info on the bands.

Vinyl Moon is USA-based, but they will ship internationally for an additional fee.

Subscribe to Vinyl Moon for 10% less using the code SOUNDMATTERS10

Also check out our full Vinyl Moon unboxing and review, here

3. Black Box Record Club

One of the Best Vinyl Clubs for Streamers

Black Box curate your monthly records in a refreshingly modern way via your Spotify profile.

When you sign up, you can list your top ten artists and connect your Spotify account so that the team at Black Box Record Club can send you highly relevant premium vinyl releases each and every month.

Since so many record collectors also use streaming services for day-to-day listening and music discovery, Black Box hit the nail on the head in delivering a record subscription service for the digital age.

You’ll receive 2 records each month based on your unique musical taste, starting at $46/month. As a sweetener, each box also contains bonus items, such as stickers, art prints and note cards.

Check it out

4. Magnolia Record Club

Curated by Artists

Mangnolia Record Club has a unique story. It was founded by Nashville singer-songwriter Drew Holcomb. His wife, Ellie, gave him a record player as a wedding present which led to ignited love for the vinyl format and a desire to offer a valuable music curation service led by real people.

Magnolia is one of the best vinyl clubs for those who love artist-curated music on vinyl.

Monthly boxes include limited edition colored vinyl, listening notes from their trusted artist-curators, and new releases. In their words “Curated by artists, not robots”. This is a record club on a refreshingly human level.

Check it out

5. Wax and Stamp

Discover New & Obscure Records

Wax and Stamp are inspired by how record stores used to be — before the internet — when much of the music we discovered came through chance or a recommendation from store staff.

Subscribing to this UK-based service gets you two new or obscure records each and every month, starting at just £27 per issue.

Keep an open mind, as they’re always a complete surprise.

Most of the records are chosen by the Wax & Stamp team with the occasional guest curator. Over a year, you’ll discover 24 brand-new records across a broad range of genres.

Shipping is free to the UK, with a small fee applied to international orders.

Check it out

We recently sampled the Wax & Stamp offering, check out our full review, here.

6. The Retro

Classics & Hidden Gems

The Retro originally started out specializing in vintage vinyl records, but have since branched out.

These days, The Retro team works with independent record stores to collect a huge variety of records spanning decades and genres.

Subscribers can save themselves hours of crate digging and receive three hand-picked classics and hidden gems each and every month.

Simply let the team know about your musical taste, and they’ll do the crate digging for you. It’s like having your very own personal vinyl shopper. Prices start from just £30 a month.

Check it out

7. Turntable Kitchen

Music & Food Lovers Rejoice

Love music and food? This vinyl record subscription box is for you.

Turntable Kitchin offers a curated food and music discovery experience delivered directly to your door. Subscribers can expect a monthly exclusive 7-inch single, a digital mixtape, and the best seasonal recipes with 1-2 premium ingredients included.

So if exploring great new music and unique monthly recipes is the experience you’re looking for, you’ll be dancing around the stove before you know it. A subscription will set you back $25 plus shipping to your country or region.

Fairly recently, Turntable Kitchen also released a coffee and vinyl service + their signature ‘Sound Delicious’ monthly exclusive LP record club.

Check it out

8. VinylBox

Vinyl Record Subscription for Budding New Collectors

VinylBox is a newer UK-based service where the ethos is one of venturing outside your comfort zone to discover new music. 

Their broad curation of classic and modern albums offers enthusiasts the chance to quickly populate their collection with a wide variety of styles from acclaimed artists. 

As a nice extra touch, and to add another level of experience to your subscription, VinylBox partnered with Universal Music’s U-Discover team to provide custom liner notes with each release (usually centered around a theme).

VinylBox is also incredible value for money, given you stand to receive three albums in every box for just £44 per month (or two albums for £34). You can increase the value further still by committing to three months—or even a year—up-front.

Shipping is available outside the UK at extra cost.

Check out our full review here (or visit their website).

9. Third Man Vaults

For Everything Third Man Records

Jack White (The man behind Third Man Records) divides opinion among record collectors, but one thing you cannot question is his unwavering dedication the vinyl format.

His no-nonsense music sensibility is a huge draw for many, and a subscription to the quarterly Premium Vaults Club could be just the ticket if you’re a fan of both White’s broad range of projects, and the artists he endorses.

A Platinum Vault member will receive a package of limited edition, exclusive vinyl four times a year. Other contents of the package vary from pins and posters to patches and photo books.

Another huge bonus is the 75% discount on a TIDAL HIFI subscription. Sign up today at $75 a quarter.

Check it out

10. Flying Vinyl

Support Up-and-Coming Acts

Based in the UK (but available internationally), Flying Vinyl originated as a service assembling the best new alternative music and pressing to 7-inch singles. However, sadly, ongoing issues with vinyl pressing lead times combined with difficult trading conditions made their original model unsustainable.

Recently, Flying Vinyl was relaunched as a monthly vinyl mixtape featuring the best new emerging indie/rock music.

Starting at just £18/month, you will receive an exclusively pressed color or special effect LP along with an A5 pullout magazine with notes on each of the included artists. 

Flying Vinyl is one of the most superb vinyl clubs and a great way to support and discover new artists.

Check it out

Bonus: Gone, but not forgotten…


Feedbands vinyl service was a listener-voted curation of the best independent music, pressed to vinyl and delivered to your door each month.

Sadly, after releasing 76 artists on vinyl over six years, feedbands declared it financially unsustainable to continue releasing an artist on vinyl every month and discontinued the service back in July 2019.

It’s a shame, as the concept was great. Members would vote on the music, and the top-voted albums were pressed to vinyl for the first time. Each release was an exclusive first pressing and a genuine one-off limited run. All-in-all, it was a great way of supporting the next generation of musical talent.



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Scott Neuman

I have three domain names that would be perfect for a subscription service. They are recordweb.com, forevervinyl.com and vinylweb.com.

Kate Harvie

This is a thorough and varietal list. Much appreciated. And https://www.stylusvinyl.com/ is, according to the page you outbound link to, closed.



The above link is not working for some reason.


Thanks for this list! FYI, shipping for Vinyl Moon was not free when I just bought a gift subscription (US)

Jake McMillan

Waxx Lyrical in Australia are fantastic! They treat customers like gold and press exclusives also. They have free Feature Records from new artists sometimes and have an online community where I feel I’ve made many many friends. Tastemakers and amazing!

Rodger Robson

I have been with VMP since 2014, and the care and quality are second to none, they will give you store credit if you don’t like your Essential of the month.
They have 4 different lines to choose from, or if you have the cash, you can take all 4, they have their own store with something for everyone, and are opening a massive store in the US with a pressing plant of their own, to take on Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, (MOFI), but at much less cost!
I have also tried Magnolia Record Club; they are delicious but not as strong as Vinyl Me Please.

As I live in the UK, I am going to try Wax and Stamp, since I have heard great feedback from their Club, also thinking about Jack White’s, Third Man Vaults, as I am a great fan of his work. Plus, as it’s only 4 LPs a year, I have to give it a try. 😉


I only used Columbia record club in late 60s and early 70s few times ! I rather just buy my own vinyl ! Since out my 1000 vinyl ( most pre 82 ) first pressings true analog !! Though I have always discovered new artist/ bands / styles ! I have some rare collection’s ! Being 70 now I am audiophile since 13 ! Though I do enjoy your site ! Seeing the younger generation spin that wax !.


Vnyl is the absolute worst subscription service I’ve ever dealt with.

Terrible customer service, mediocre, phoned in selections, and excuses galore.

Out of 9 months they delivered in a reasonable time, twice. Every other time was either 2-3 months late OR just didn’t show up.

My April shipment said it shipped, but never showed, so they told me I had to wait 60 days. After 60 days they allowed me to make my choice for the month again. They literally just never sent it. After them resetting the month AGAIN, it finally showed up today.

I have cancelled them and have no interest in dealing with them again.

Buyer beware. Stay FAR away.


It really is unfortunate. They have a fun model and the price is decent, but they collapsed under poor management and (as much as I hate to use this excuse) Covid.


Vnyl recently sent me two useless titles that anyone looking at my profile would never have sent me unless they intended to upset me. Thoughtless selections. Refused my emails and phone calls for followup too. Avoid…buyer beware.

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[…] can recommend a number of UK-based services, including Wax & Stamp and Vinyl Wings. Check out our list of the growing number of vinyl subscription services available on both sides of the […]

I am on Casavinyl atm. Its more directed towards electronic music but the club allows you to subscribe or buy one off.

Emily Duncan

This is great! Don’t forget Vinylmnky too. I joined their service over a year ago and I’d say about 80% of their “breakthrough album of the month” selections have been great. For the few others I haven’t vibed with, they allowed me to do a “BROTM swap” to replace with an LP from their online store. But really they have some great pre-order stuff that I don’t often find elsewhere. So I primarily use my membership for the 15% discount on those. My boyfriend and I have also used Gold Rush Vinyl in the past but we were less impressed. They spotlight some smaller known artists which is a great concept but the selection hasn’t really meshed with my taste and the overall experience wasn’t as good. I’ve heard decent things about Vinyl Moon as well!


Vnyl is great if you’re looking for pop, rock or hip hop but I felt like of the few records I received, they were just OK. I also wasn’t thrilled with their process for skipping a month. They tried to still charge my account after I sent an email which made me wonder if anyone actually reads the emails sent there.

I’ve actually really loved being a part of the Magnolia Record Club, which you didn’t have on your list. Their monthly selections are top notch and usually limited or club only editions and if you choose to, you can either skip or switch out the record of the month. I’ve been able to get some records that are on my “wishlist” through them as well as being introduced to artists I now love but were not on my radar before. I would definitely recommend it.


Yeah VNYL sucks. I saw they did a review on YouTube and since the reviewer was a popular YouTuber, they sent him some great albums. However, they ALWAYS send you items that don’t fit anywhere within the parameters you suggest. They then try to charge you without sending anything. I was lucky enough to get out of the subscription. It was terrible.


Unfortunately, Stylus only offers wine, and not beer, as suggested above. Still a good list.

[…] a growing number of vinyl record subscription services to choose from, so it’s important each service focuses on a niche. As we’ve already […]

[…] experience of vinyl in our digital age. Vinyl Wings is the new kid on the block compared to other, well-know veteran services, and like most record clubs, Vinyl Wings has a unique approach and proposition to its would-be […]

Amiran Kavkasidze

Be sure to also check out Vinyl Wings –

Every month, we bring a set of two specially-curated vinyl records from your choice of genre, and the back story to each album and artist right to your doorstep.


Vince Moran-McHugh

What about Rough Trade Club – (https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/membership)?
It’s one of the first subscription services I remember seeing and by all accounts they have an eclectic CD or LP of the month sent to you. Not sure whether they ship internationally but shipping in the UK is included in the price.


Hey Vince. Yes, good call. I really like what Rough Trade do, and their stores just get better and better.

Livingston Scott

RT is a decent club but I was bill for 6 months before I even got a record and once I got it I had to find out I was billed for all those months without getting anything from the club (I thought my membership just had not gone through and I did not check my CC regularly, until after that discovery). They sent me a rap record and I was dumb founded.
Stay away from RTClub but I enjoy buying from them directly.