The Best Vinyl Record Subscription Services in 2024

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Across the vinyl community, there is a shared appreciation for the experience of collecting and playing records. We all have an affection for the physical product and the extra dimension it brings to the music we love. As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, there is a growing number of vinyl record subscriptions and record … Read More

Best Phono Preamps 2024: Amazing Sound at Any Budget

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Our roundup of the best phono stage options. We’ve got you covered: From budget phono preamps that kickstart your vinyl journey to high-end options designed to suit the true vinyl connoisseur. If you own a turntable, you’ll need a phono stage somewhere in your setup to boost the very low output of your turntable cartridge and apply equalization based on … Read More

MC Pro Review: Quietest Phono Preamp Available?

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The MC Pro phono preamp by Michael Fidler (Classic Audio Ltd) promises a whisper-quiet signal-to-noise ratio, alongside hyper-accurate RIAA performance. Having been suitably impressed with Michael’s Spartan 15 moving magnet phono stage, can his first venture into the delicate world of moving coil amplification knock it out of the park once again? As is the case with all Michael Fidler … Read More

Best Budget Phono Preamps for Amazing Sound

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If you’re buying your first vinyl setup, you’ll need to make sure you have a phono preamp somewhere in the signal chain. In straightforward terms, a phono preamp amplifies the signal up to a level suitable for the AUX input on your Hi-Fi receiver. Also, it will apply an equalization curve to inverse the standard frequency adjustment made during the … Read More

iFi Zen Phono Review: Better than the Mani 2?

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The iFi ZEN Phono lists some impressive specs for a phono preamp sitting in the sub-$200/£200 price bracket. iFi makes the bold statement that “you will fall in love with your LPs all over again,” but with such stiff competition in the market, how does the ZEN phono measure up? Having reviewed many affordable phono preamps here at Sound Matters, … Read More

Audio Technica AT-LPW50BT Review

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Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, a rosewood veneer MDF plinth, and a sleek carbon fiber tonearm, Audio Technica’s LPW50BT combines stylistic flair with impressive sound. Is this the levelling-up manual turntable you’ve been looking for? Pros Cons Engaging and well-balanced sound. Bluetooth was temperamental to connect (in my experience). Excellent build quality from both a look and feel perspective – a joy … Read More

Best Headphones for Vinyl Records in 2024

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For most of us, speakers are the most common choice for vinyl playback. Speakers allow you to fill the room, generate an atmosphere and share the musical experience with friends and family. There are times, though, where a set of great headphones and a more private listening experience is advantageous, or perhaps (if you live with housemates or close-contact neighbors), … Read More