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Exploring Jazz, Soul and Blues with VMP Classics

Like many music fans, I started my earlier personal music journey with a relatively fixed idea of what I did and didn’t like. I was raised (mostly) on 60s and 70s rock, and this undoubtedly shaped my early adolescent music choices.  In our formative years, it’s easy to fall into a music scene and feel fixed within it. After all,

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Best Vinyl Record Cleaning Machines

If you’re the proud owner of a large vinyl record collection, or you want to step up your record cleaning game, a record cleaning machine is one of the best investments you can make. Yes, they require some investment up-front, but in the name of priceless record preservation and the pursuit of audio nirvana, they are worth every penny.  There

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How to Remove Static from Vinyl Records Using the Milty Zerostat

For vinyl collectors, statically charged records are a persistent thorn in the side. When a vinyl record becomes statically charged, it acts like a magnet for any dust lurking near its vicinity, making it near-impossible to keep the record clean. Watch our video below or a full demonstration or continue reading to learn more. The problem is most acute in

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Holy Grail Re-Issues: De-Loused in the Comatorium

For many, The Mars Volta ‘De-loused in the Comatorium’ is a holy grail album to bag on vinyl. So as VMP (Vinyl Me, Please) make this modern prog-rock classic their Essentials Record of the Month for July, we delve into this monstrously epic display of music virtuosity to find out why it’s still sought after nearly 20 years later. De-Loused

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Ortofon 2M Red vs 2M Blue – Is it worth the upgrade?

The 2M series from Ortofon has, for many, become the de facto cartridge and styli range for the vinyl revival. The ubiquitous 2M Red, in particular, has rightly earnt a reputation as one of the best-sounding affordable cartridges on the market at just $99 or £95. Sound-wise, the performance is undoubtedly impressive across the 2M range, which is semi-modular to

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How to Clean Vinyl Records – The Ultimate Guide

Vinyl records are more popular than ever. Their distinctive sound, and immersive, tactile listening experience has solidified the format as the ultimate way to own music. When properly looked after, your vinyl record collection will last a lifetime and beyond, and a huge part of this is keeping your vinyl clean. Most importantly of all, clean vinyl records sound amazing,

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Every Great Album Has A Story

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Vinyl On Your Wall

Twelve Inch products allow you to create a stunning and personal record gallery on the wall without any frames or visible parts. Their mission is to nurture and grow the love for vinyl records, by providing a flexible and elegant way to create amazing record galleries in the home.

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