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Hey! I’m Marc from Sound Matters (that’s me holding the copy of Aladdin Sane at my local record store.
Welcome to the Sound Matters community where all about regaining a more authentic music experience. We believe in the vinyl format as the best way to own music and experience music. Audiences are more invested in music when they own it physically, and this ultimately leads to a more enriched music culture.
After completing a BSc Hons degree in Music Technology and spending the best part of ten years working for the audio brand Shure, I went full time sharing my experience and expertise to help vinyl enthusiasts and the wider music community get the most from their vinyl records and listening experience.
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"This is the BEST LP-care website. . .Bar-none! Thank you Sound Matters!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for the valuable service you provide to the vinyl community. After almost 20 years, I pulled my vinyl from storage, purchased a new turntable and connected to my soundbar (also a new purchase). I found your site and use you exclusively for all my vinyl needs, purchased a record cleaner system from GrooveWasher and cork turntable mat based on your articles and recommendations. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"


"I can’t believe this blog actually reads my mind!

I tried to research humidity and record storage many times (I live in a really wet region) and didn’t find any real help. You guys are always the best."


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