Gift Ideas for Vinyl Record Enthusiasts – 2020

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It’s that time of year again; the temperature is dropping, the nights are drawing in, and that nagging question of what to buy friends and family for the big day is becoming more significant with each passing week. If you’re buying for the vinyl record enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got suggestions to suit all budgets when choosing the perfect gift for those who can’t get enough of music on wax.

Booze & Vinyl Book

For many, Christmas is a time for making merry. Described as “The ultimate listening party guide”, this book helps the drinks loving vinyl enthusiast shake, stir, and pour their way through some of the best wax ever pressed. Craft drinks and vinyl can often be a match made in heaven. And if vinyl is all about the experience, this guide will give your festive listening experience that twist of something extra special. (Please drink responsibly).

Check it out here

Groovy Vinyl Mug

Who doesn’t love a new mug at over the cold winter months. This subtle text design has record grooves in the text design for a beautiful homage to the vinyl record. Perfect for hot chocolate with your choice of cosy winter record.

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A Record Weight

Buying for an audiophile who’s detail orientated? A record weight or clamp will be music to their ears. They work by clamping the record tighter to your turntable platter, which helps to improve tracking and reduce vibrations. The added mass may also help to reduce wow and flutter. Additionally, the applied weight can also help to flatten mildly warped records.

(Read out full feature on record weights, here). Or check out our preferred weight, here.

A Better Record Brush

Chances are, the record-lover in your life probably already owns a carbon fiber brush for day-to-day record cleaning. This new take on the humble record brush from Audio Quest is said to improve the conductivity of static electricity and facilitate better cleaning of micro-dirt particles through the use of smaller fibers and conductive gold contacts. This allows for a better discharge of static electricity through your body as the ground.

Check it out, here. 

Project Debut Carbon

If you’re buying a loved one their first turntable as a gift this year, I highly recommend the Project Debut Carbon. This down to basics turntable strips away all unnecessary bells and whistles in favor of getting the fundamental playing mechanics right first and foremost. They come pre-fitted with a great quality cartridge; the only additional equipment you need to get up and running is a phono pre-amp (unless your amp/receiver has an input labeled “phono” already – in which case, you’re all set).

There are cheaper record players on the market, but for me, the Project turntables mark the price-point at which fashion accessory ends, and serious kit begins. If you don’t want to risk buying a turntable that regularly skips, or at worst, damages records, do yourself a favor and invest at this basic level first.

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Higher-End Option: Clearaudio Concept

If your turntable budget will stretch a little further, consider this award-winning option from Clearaudio – considered to be one of the best turntables in the $1000 plus bracket according to consumer Hi-Fi mag, What Hi-Fi. Clearaudio delivers this exceptional sounding turntable ready to use out-of-the-box with a pre-fitted and aligned cartridge – they even set the cartridge weight and bias.

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Audio Interface for Record Archiving

There are many ways to create digital copies of vinyl records — the easiest method is with a USB turntable. The problem with this approach is the quality of these devices are often poor unless you shed out for a higher-end model. At Sound Matters, we recommend using a dedicated audio interface to enable high-quality connectivity with your computer for superior sounding results. Focusrite offers a great affordable solution with their Scarlett 2i2 USB. For those with a higher budget, consider the Apogee Duet for great results (mac only). The recording process is relatively simple, but for those who want some guidance, consider forwarding our guide to recording (ripping) vinyl to your computer.

Vinyl Cover Holder

These wooden vinyl cover holder lightboxes add style and function to any listening space. The default text lets visitors know what’s playing, but the message can easily be personalized with new slide-in signs. Made from oak, they feel and look high quality.

GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit

Have they just dug out their old record collection only to find a few sound dirty and a little past their best? Vinyl record grooves are less than a hairline thick, so any dust, dirt, or debris will translate as the pops, clicks and static we’re all familiar with. The GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit is a highly-effective, well-engineered manual cleaning solution designed to clean your records safely and evaporate quickly leaving no discernible residue. As a nice finishing touch, the cleaning pad handle is solid milled American Black Walnut.

Your loved one will be surprised at how much better their records sound when cleaned – they might even question why they went digital in the first place!

(Sound Matters readers can score 10% off GrooveWasher products when buying directly from their website. Just use the code SOUNDMATTERS10. Read our guide on how to clean vinyl records for further advice on this topic).

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Spin-Clean Record Washer

Need to clean a lot of records at once? If your gift recipient has just dug out their old stack of wax for the first time in years, hand cleaning each record might not appeal. The Spin-Clean record washer offers an affordable entry into record cleaning machines that can otherwise prove to be cost-prohibitive.

The device itself is relatively simple. The main unit is essentially a cleaning basin that houses two cleaning brushes. Each time you prep the unit, the bath will wet-clean up to 50 records depending on just how dirty they are.

Check out our full product review, here.

Or purchase directly online.

Frameless Record Display

Great cover artwork is one of vinyl’s major pull factors. Record collectors love the large format covers and they often display them on walls within their own home. Wall displays are perhaps the most common way to display vinyl as art, and record frames are widely available on the market. But frames aren’t for everyone. Some designs make the records difficult to access should you wish to play one, and on the aesthetic front, some collectors simply want a cleaner, more contemporary look.

The Danish-based company, Twelve Inch manufacture record display systems that require no frames, or any visible support for that matter. The result is a clean, minimalist look indicative of Scandinavian interior design.

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Vinyl Record Box Storage Case

Sadly, it’s not always practical to store an entire record collection on your wall. For something a little more secure and sizeable, consider getting them a record flight case. These sturdy storage units are perfect for moving house, transporting records or storing overflow from a larger collection. Check it out here.

For those who prefer a more aesthetically pleasing, living room friendly storage solution, consider a modular unit or container from 33Rackit. Crafted from solid wood, the modular pieces, in particular, offer an attractive alternative to the obligatory IKEA storage shelves. Crafted quality, however, comes at a higher cost; a modular record storage unit will set you back $400 (CND).

Better Record Sleeves

The humble vinyl record sleeve: a simple, but essential accessory for any record collector. But what if they could be improved? By incorporating 100% North American materials, and by introducing an innovative dual pocket design, these outer sleeves form Canadian-based innovators, Vinyl Storage Solutions have set out to change the status quo of record sleeves. They remain crisp and clear, while also enabling easy access to your records without having to pull the sleeve out for each play (thus causing wear and tear).

Check out our full review, or simply visit to place orders internationally. (You can also bag an extra 10% off when you buy direct from their website, simply use the code: SOUNDMATTERS10 )

Record Coasters

Many record enthusiasts struggle with the idea of up-cycled vinyl record coasters, myself included. It feels like vinyl sacrilege, but I love the way they look – particularly in basement pads or apartments.

I’m assured by the company owner at GrooveWasher that the vinyl records used to make their coasters are purely old, unplayable records. These coasters are the perfect holiday gift for the vinyl enthusiast in your life.

Check them out here

Vinyl Apparel

Records are a way of life for many vinyl enthusiasts. If your loved-one is obsessed with music on wax, they can now show it with style by wearing select designs from our growing apparel store. From everyday t-shirts to cosy hoodies, there’s something to suit every style and taste. Our current best-seller (pictured below) is designed with 2020 in mind. What a year; show 2020 who’s boss and keep spinning those records. Seasons greetings, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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Vinyl Me, Please/Flying Vinyl Subscription

Still stuck on what to get them? Consider buying them a subscription at one of the growing number of online record clubs. Services like Vinyl Me, Please invite you to “Join the best damn record club today” with subscribers able to start building their collection from $33 a month. Subscribers receive one LP pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members, an original art print inspired by the album, a custom cocktail recipe paired for your LP, and more.

VMP will ship internationally, although the cost does increase a little. For our UK readers not wanting to shell out extra for shipping, we can recommend a number of UK-based services, including Wax & Stamp and Vinyl Wings. Check out our list of the growing number of vinyl subscription services available on both sides of the pond. 


Home is Where the Turntable Spins Poster

Where would our homes be without music? There’s nothing quite like the sweet sound of vinyl when you put your feet up after a long day.

This exclusive poster design from our very own store looks beautiful hung in any listening space. Sit down, relax, and keep spinning.

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  • Paul says:

    Awesome suggestions, each and every one! I might add an actual record too (or gift certificate to an independent record store). I love getting a Christmas themed record ’round the holidays. Cheers!