Best Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves

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To safely store your vinyl records, you need good-quality inner sleeves. We’re all familiar with the standard-issue paper sleeves supplied with most new record releases, but are these really up to the job? Basic paper sleeves might be cheap to produce, but they’re not up to the job if you want your records to last a lifetime and beyond. Paper … Read More

Best Vinyl Record Storage Solutions in 2024

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Owning physical copies of your favorite albums is the best way to experience music. They’re collectible, tactile, and in many cases, beautiful works of art. Best of all, with the right recording, mastering, and production, they sound fantastic. Unlike streaming services, of course, records take up space… As your collection grows, you’ll need to pick the best vinyl record storage … Read More

Storing Vinyl Records Safely to Protect Your Collection

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Storing vinyl records safely is essential. Whether it’s for day-to-day accessibility or long-term in storage boxes, you must store them correctly to ensure they last a lifetime and beyond. You’ve worked hard to afford your collection, and the chances are, you’d like them to remain in great condition for as long as possible. If you’re anything like me, you’d probably … Read More

Can Vinyl Records Melt? What’s the Vinyl Record Melting Point?

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In a world where digital music is the norm, vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence as audiophiles, collectors, and casual listeners alike celebrate their tangible allure and distinct sound. If you’re here reading this page, however, you’re likely wondering: How durable are your precious records? Can vinyl records melt? And, if so, at what temperature? The short answer is yes. … Read More

Best Outer Record Sleeves for Maximum Protection

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A crisp, brand-new record straight off the production line is a beauty to behold. Untouched by the outside world, your new record arrives spotless and ready to provide years, decades, and possibly generations of joy. Vinyl really is the best format for experiencing the album as an art form. But there’s a problem… As soon as we begin enjoying our … Read More

Vinyl Box Set Sleeves Review – Innovations from VSS (Vinyl Storage Solutions

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As a record collector, who doesn’t love a beautifully presented box set? After all, a huge part of the vinyl format’s unlikely success in the digital age is the experience of a physical product. Going one step above standard releases, vinyl box sets are the zenith of a listening experience. In most cases, they offer something extra beyond the record … Read More

Vinyl Storage Solutions Rice Paper Sleeves – Better than MoFi?

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For years, MoFi inner record sleeves have set the industry standard for “archival quality” record protection when storing your vinyl records. Their three-ply design and ultra-soft antistatic polyethylene material made them the go-to choice to vinyl enthusiasts the world over seeking unparalleled protection for their record collection. …But what if they could be better? Canadian company Vinyl Storage Solutions (VSS) … Read More

Do Records Fit In Milk Crates? – It Depends!

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Years ago, it was fashionable to store vinyl records in milk crates, as they are sturdy, easy to move, and the size was just about perfect for housing 12-inch LPs. Milk crates became so popular as a record storage solution that it caused problems for the dairy industry. Milk crate theft became a huge issue, costing the industry millions each … Read More

Can You Store Records Flat: Horizontal vs Vertical

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When storing your vinyl records, it can be tempting to stack them in horizontal piles. This could be to save space, or perhaps you just like the idea of a convenient stack somewhere near your turntable.  There are several different reasons why you shouldn’t store records horizontally and why it’s better for the longevity of your collection to store them … Read More

Record Player Stands: Tables for Turntables 

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Investing in a dedicated record player stand or a turntable unit is essential if you want to get the most from your vinyl hobby. There are many units available (all with different pros and cons) designed to suit different living spaces and record collections.  In reality, any solid cabinet or surface can make a great space to house your turntable, … Read More