Best Albums to Own On Vinyl – 30 Essential Records Every Collector Should Own

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Compiling a list of the best albums to own on vinyl is no small task. There’s a staggering amount of music history to consider, and at the end of the day, you could ask ten different people and get ten completely different lists. But I can conclude one thing for certain: there’s no better way own music than the beautiful canvas of … Read More

Gift Ideas For Vinyl Lovers & Record Collectors 2023

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Vinyl lover gifts guaranteed to make their day! It’s that time of year again; the temperature is dropping, the nights are drawing in, and that nagging question of what to buy friends and family for the big day is becoming more significant with each passing week. If you’re buying for the vinyl record enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. … Read More

Fluance RT81+ Review – Superior Entry-Level Turntable?

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Canadian-based audio brand Fluance has earned a reputation for packing unbelievable value into its products. In particular, the RT81 brought exceptional value to anyone seeking to kickstart their vinyl hobby or jump back in after re-discovering a long-lost record collection. The RT81+ adds an acrylic platter mat, adjustable feet, and Audio Technica’s new AT-VM95E cartridge to Fluance’s popular affordable turntable … Read More

Schiit Mani 2 Review – Best Budget Phono Preamp?

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Since its initial release in 2014, the Mani phono preamp from Schiit Audio has gained a reputation as one of the best-sounding affordable options on the market.  Fast forward to the present day, and there’s a new kid in town, the Schiit Mani 2. The latest incarnation of this much-loved phono stage promises (in the words of Schiit Audio) to … Read More

Moon 110LP v2 Review: Next Level Phono Preamp?

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Compact, beautifully designed, and relatively affordable—could the Moon 110LP v2 take your vinyl playback into the stratosphere and beyond? The Moon 110LP v2 by SIMAUDIO is the company’s take on an affordable phono preamp, aiming to take technologies developed for their higher-end phono preamps and make them more accessible in an affordable, low-profile unit. Everyone loves an audiophile bargain, and … Read More

Pro-Ject T1 Review – Gateway to Audiophile?

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Sitting between Pro-Ject’s new entry-level E1 and the legendary “Debut” line, does Pro-Ject’s T1 turntable offer the best bang for your buck? Having recently reviewed the Pro-Ject Primary E and E1 entry-level turntables, Sound Matters explore what you gain for stepping up a level in the Pro-Ject upgrade path.  The Pro-Ject T1 is said to bring “audiophile design to a … Read More

Pro-Ject E1 Review – A Great First Turntable?

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When it comes to designing affordable turntables with true HiFi sound, Pro-Ject are a formidable force. The Austrian company calls their relatively new E1 series “Entry 1 into the world of analog sound”. Could the Pro-Ject E1 be the ideal first turntable? Pros: Great sound at this price point | Handy speed switching | Super easy setup | Optional built-In … Read More