Music Fidelity Announce New Range of Balanced Power Conditioners

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The popular Hi-Fi manufacturer, Musical Fidelity has announced a new series of balanced power conditioners. The new models (BPC3, BPC5, BPC10, and BPC16) aim to cater to a wide range of digital and analogue source devices, from low-powered amplifiers to small and large Hi-Fi systems, home theatre, and much larger stereo amps/receivers. Musical Fidelity is quick to emphasize the importance … Read More

Rega Announces Nd5 Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Earlier this week, British turntable and Hi-Fi manufacturer, Rega introduced the Nd5 moving magnet cartridge. This is the second model in the company’s innovative new Nd range of handmade moving magnet cartridges. Named after the rare earth element Nd (Neodymium), the all new Nd5 cartridge is the first moving magnet to utilise a Neodymium N55 magnet. According to Rega, this is the world’s most powerful commercially available … Read More

The Best Vinyl Record Subscription Services in 2024

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Across the vinyl community, there is a shared appreciation for the experience of collecting and playing records. We all have an affection for the physical product and the extra dimension it brings to the music we love. As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, there is a growing number of vinyl record subscriptions and record … Read More

Best Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves

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To safely store your vinyl records, you need good-quality inner sleeves. We’re all familiar with the standard-issue paper sleeves supplied with most new record releases, but are these really up to the job? Basic paper sleeves might be cheap to produce, but they’re not up to the job if you want your records to last a lifetime and beyond. Paper … Read More

Best Phono Preamps 2024: Amazing Sound at Any Budget

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Our roundup of the best phono stage options. We’ve got you covered: From budget phono preamps that kickstart your vinyl journey to high-end options designed to suit the true vinyl connoisseur. If you own a turntable, you’ll need a phono stage somewhere in your setup to boost the very low output of your turntable cartridge and apply equalization based on … Read More

Recording Vinyl Records Into Your Computer: Step by Step (with Video)

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Vinyl ripping 101 – Digitize vinyl the easy way: In a world increasingly dominated by the convenience and portability of streaming services, some collectors may question the value of digitizing or recording vinyl records.  There are still plenty of good reasons to capture the sound of vinyl and turn them into convenient digital files that you can take with you … Read More

Converting Vinyl to Digital Files with Vinyl Studio

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert your vinyl records to digital files using a software package called Vinyl Studio. Vinyl Studio is an all-in-one package that allows you to record your vinyl records, import individual track information, split your recording into individual tracks, and then save them as individual files as a complete album. Vinyl Studio also … Read More

Austrian Audio Announces Availability of the Full Score One Headphone Amplifier

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Best known for their award-winning headphones and microphones, Austrian Audio is breaking into the headphone amplifier market with the new Full Score One. Announced alongside The Composer headphones model later last year, The Full Score one is now available across the UK and EU markets.  Said to be the perfect companion to Austrian Audio’s The Composer reference headphones, the Full … Read More

Classic Albums: Fleetwood Mac (1975)

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The release of Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album in 1975 saw the band move distinctly away from their British blues roots. The arrival of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham symbolized more than a change in personnel; it heralded the birth of a sound that would become iconic. (Huge thanks to VMP for supplying the reissue copy of this record). Founded in … Read More