Converting Vinyl to Digital Files with Vinyl Studio

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert your vinyl records to digital files using a software package called Vinyl Studio. Vinyl Studio is an all-in-one package that allows you to record your vinyl records, import individual track information, split your recording into individual tracks, and then save them as individual files as a complete album. Vinyl Studio also … Read More

Best Headphones for Vinyl Records in 2024

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For most of us, speakers are the most common choice for vinyl playback. Speakers allow you to fill the room, generate an atmosphere and share the musical experience with friends and family. There are times, though, where a set of great headphones and a more private listening experience is advantageous, or perhaps (if you live with housemates or close-contact neighbors), … Read More

Live Albums: A Love Letter to Music in its Purest Form

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As live music slowly starts to return (depending on where you live), Vinyl Pursuit co-founder Tammy Brown proclaims her love for live albums and why now is the time to turn up the volume on your favorite concerts from rock history. Words by Tammy Brown of Vinyl Pursuit Back in the day, it was easy to dismiss live albums as … Read More

Best Powered Speakers for Turntable Enthusiasts

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A high-quality amplifier and speaker combination might be the holy grail of audiophile sound quality, but it’s impossible to deny the convince of self-powered speakers.  Powered (or ‘active’ speakers as they’re also known) benefit from plug-and-play convenience and also take away the hard work of matching the right amplifier to a suitable set of passive speakers. For those who just … Read More

New GrooveGuard Record Sleeves Review – MoFi Killer?

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GrooveWasher have a solid reputation for producing extremely effective record cleaning products, but do their new record sleeves live up to expectations?  I’ve been using GrooveWasher recording cleaning fluid (both G2 and G3 formulas) as my go-to formula for many years now.  Not only do I find their products to be among the most effective we’ve tested, but they’re also … Read More

Exploring Jazz, Soul and Blues with VMP Classics

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Like many music fans, I started my earlier personal music journey with a relatively fixed idea of what I did and didn’t like. I was raised (mostly) on 60s and 70s rock, and this undoubtedly shaped my early adolescent music choices.  In our formative years, it’s easy to fall into a music scene and feel fixed within it. After all, … Read More

Spring Giveaway: Win a GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit & Twelve Inch Vinyl Wall Displays

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We’ve teamed up with our partners GrooveWasher and Twelve Inch to give you a chance of winning a Mondo Record Cleaning Kit and two Twelve Inch magnetic vinyl wall displays.  Here’s a summary of both products that could be heading directly to your listening space very soon! GrooveWasher Mondo The Mondo bundle is GrooveWasher’s top-of-the-line care package and comes complete … Read More

Does Vinyl Really Sound Better than CD?

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This blog (when I have time to update it during my downtime working for Shure in the UK) is fast becoming focused on the resurgence of vinyl. So far, I’ve covered vinyls potential in the changing face of music retail, and I also went on to describe the benefits of vinyl in the well-documented loudness war. Taking this into consideration, I thought it … Read More

Independent Film Documents the Rise, Fall, & Rebirth of Record Stores

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While we’re on the topic of vinyl… A new independent film has just been released documenting the rise, fall, and rebirth of independent record stores. The film entitled Last Shop Standing was released on 10th September, and features music industry leaders as well as musicians including: Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg, Nerina Pallot, Richard Hawley and Clint … Read More