Classic Albums: Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde

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The last installment in Bob Dylan’s so-called “rock trilogy” is an ambitious and accomplished creative crossroads that came to be the perfect pivot point to intersect his hippie minstrel poet past with the electric swagger of his trio of albums in the mid-1960s… The version of this album featured is the VMP Essentials release cut by Ryan Smith at Sterling … Read More

Best Christmas Vinyl Records for Festive Cheer in 2022

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The temperatures are dropping and the decorations are rising; it’s the most wonderful time of year once again and you’re starting to feel the festive cheer. Perfect… All you need now are some Christmas tunes to set the atmosphere. And what could be better than the warm and comforting sound of vinyl as you deck the halls and celebrate with … Read More

Classic Albums: Peter Gabriel – So

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By 1986 Peter Gabriel had built a highly-respectable solo career after his acrimonious exit from Genesis almost a decade earlier. And although he had a strong cult following after four solo albums, he hadn’t found crossover appeal. His fifth studio album So would catapult him into the stratosphere creatively and successfully. It’s amazing to think that this album is as … Read More

Classic Albums: Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak

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Guest contributor, Brandon Stoner tells the story of Thin Lizzy’s 1976 breakthrough album, Jailbreak. By the time Thin Lizzy stepped into London’s Ramport Studios to begin production on their sixth studio record Jailbreak they were confident, flashy, and ready to take on anything. With a stiff upper lip and proverbial stiff middle fingers in the air they knew they had … Read More

Classic Albums: Blondie – Parallel Lines

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Guest contributor Brandon Stoner tells the story behind Parallel Lines, a 70s classic that packaged up so much of what defined the era. A huge thank you to Vinyl Pursuit who provided the album for this Classic Albums feature. Learn how you can get vintage vinyl for 15% less at the bottom of this article. Make no mistake about it, Blondie was never your … Read More

Classic Albums: Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed

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Guest contributor Brandon Stoner tells the story behind Let it Bleed the 8th British and 10th American studio album from The Stones. A huge thank you to Vinyl Pursuit who provided the album for this Classic Albums feature. Learn how you can get vintage vinyl for 15% less at the bottom of this article. Gimme Shelter In 1969 the world … Read More

Classic Albums: The Meters Rejuvenation

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The Meter’s fifth album, Rejuvenation saw the New Orleans funk masters reach the pinnacle of their songwriting prowess. Unlike most classic albums, Rejuvenation was a relative commercial non-event at the time, but undoubtedly solidified the group as one of the most influential funk groups in music history.  A huge thank you to VMP who provided the album for this Classic … Read More

Nine Classic Album Covers and What Makes them Great

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For any vinyl collector, a considerable part of the appeal and experience is the artwork. In many cases, album covers are classic art pieces in their own right and a significant contributor to pop culture. Countless classic album covers are instantly recognizable; they transcend generational boundaries and form part of our collective identity as a society. In some case, they … Read More

Classic Albums: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

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Every so often, an album comes along that changes everything. Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is one of those albums and a classic landmark body of work within the hip-hop and rap genre. When VMP (Vinyl Me Please) announced the album as their September Essentials Record of the Month, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate another classic album. … Read More