Best Turntable Isolation Platform: Buyer’s Guide

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Vibration and resonance are the enemies of many vinyl enthusiasts. At best, it clouds the audio output, hindering your listening enjoyment. Worse still, it can disturb your stylus enough to knock it straight out of the groove during playback. There are many ways to guard your turntable against vibrations and resonance, from choosing the right turntable position to upgrading your … Read More

Gift Ideas For Vinyl Lovers & Record Collectors 2022

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Vinyl lover gifts guaranteed to make their day! It’s that time of year again; the temperature is dropping, the nights are drawing in, and that nagging question of what to buy friends and family for the big day is becoming more significant with each passing week. If you’re buying for the vinyl record enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. … Read More

Do Picture Disc Vinyl Records Sound Worse?

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A large part of vinyl’s lasting appeal is the artwork. The larger physical canvas has long given musicians the chance to express their art beyond the music in a way that adds to the overall experience of collecting and listening to music. In the case of a picture disc vinyl record, the whole product becomes a canvas, opening up a … Read More

Exclusive Twelve Inch & GrooveWasher Holiday Bundle

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Available exclusively this holiday season to Sound Matters subscribers: A Twelve Inch Original 4ECO bundled with a limited edition signature Groovewasher Walnut record cleaning brush – both now available at the sale price of €99 + free shipping (regular price 109 + shipping average of €20). Shipping is free to the US, Canada, UK, & EU (Only 80 kits available – … Read More

How to Fix Scratches on Vinyl Records Using a Toothpick

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We’ve all got those records in our collection that, for one reason or another, have suffered the dreaded fate of a gouge or deep scratch on the surface resulting in the record skipping or looping. In many cases, these records are often perfectly listenable apparent from the affected area, making it all the more frustrating that an otherwise perfect piece … Read More

How to Use a Record Player Properly Without Damaging Records

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So you’ve got your first record player and you’re ready to start spinning records. Congratulations! You’re about to experience the most rewarding way to enjoy music. But wait… How do you use a record player? (or turntable for that matter). Vinyl enthusiasts can often assume everyone knows how to use a turntable, but do they? We live in a digital … Read More

Best Turntable Mats for Improved Sound Quality

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At first, changing a record mat can seem like a mere aesthetic upgrade. After all, can the material between your records and the turntable platter really make a difference to the sound?  The truth is, everything affects the sound when it comes to a physical format like vinyl!  Choosing the right turntable mat can make a significant difference to the performance of … Read More

Do Records Fit In Milk Crates? – It Depends!

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Years ago, it was fashionable to store vinyl records in milk crates, as they are sturdy, easy to move, and the size was just about perfect for housing 12-inch LPs. Milk crates became so popular as a record storage solution that it caused problems for the dairy industry. Milk crate theft became a huge issue, costing the industry millions each … Read More

Classic Albums: Peter Gabriel – So

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By 1986 Peter Gabriel had built a highly-respectable solo career after his acrimonious exit from Genesis almost a decade earlier. And although he had a strong cult following after four solo albums, he hadn’t found crossover appeal. His fifth studio album So would catapult him into the stratosphere creatively and successfully. It’s amazing to think that this album is as … Read More

Best Albums to Own On Vinyl – 30 Essential Records Every Collector Should Own

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Compiling a list of the best albums to own on vinyl is no small task. There’s a staggering amount of music history to consider, and at the end of the day, you could ask ten different people and get ten completely different lists. But I can conclude one thing for certain: there’s no better way own music than the beautiful canvas of … Read More