Ortofon 2M Red vs 2M Blue – Is it worth the upgrade?

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The 2M series from Ortofon has, for many, become the de facto cartridge and styli range for the vinyl revival. The ubiquitous 2M Red, in particular, has rightly earnt a reputation as one of the best-sounding affordable cartridges on the market at just $99 or £95. Sound-wise, the performance is undoubtedly impressive across the 2M range, which is semi-modular to … Read More

The History of the Record Players and Turntables

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When you pull a record from its sleeve, place it on your turntable, and lower the stylus, you’re witnessing a beautiful playback mechanism over 100 years in the making. What began as an inherent human desire to preserve our mortal voices eventually unfolded through a series of incremental breakthroughs that gave birth to a cultural music revolution. Your modern turntable … Read More

Top Vinyl Record Books

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As record enthusiasts, we like nothing more than to indulge in our hobby. We’ll explore every aspect in search of vinyl nirvana, whether it’s through the pages of a website like Sound Matters, the many excellent resources available on YouTube, or even good old fashioned printed books. Many of us don’t do things by halves, and we’re a stickler for … Read More

Locked Grooves – Endless Fun (Literally)

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In a recent feature, we explored the weird and wonderful world of run-out groove messages. From mastering engineer signatures to hidden messages and inside-jokes, there is a whole world of interesting etchings to explore. Closely related to this topic is the world of audible locked grooves. Standard records have a locked groove at the end of each side, usually in … Read More

Wax & Stamp Record Subscription Review

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One of my key motivators for starting Sound Matters was the loss of experience and musical discovery that happens when you surrender all music ownership to the internet. The abundance of choice online is amazing, and it’s never been easier or cheaper to access more music than a person can consume in a lifetime. The trouble is, the experience just … Read More

How to Look After Your Vinyl Records

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The tactile nature of vinyl records is both what makes the format appealing, and also challenging. Well cared for records can last a lifetime, while poorly looked after records will quickly become worthless and unlistenable. For the best listening experience, consider following these key points to help look after your vinyl records and preserve them for many years to come. … Read More

How to Shop For Used Records

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Browsing the used section of your local record store is one of the best ways to expand your love of music and vinyl. Used records are a treasure trove of musical history. There are thousands of titles from across many decades just waiting to be discovered, but finding the right record at the right price can feel like searching for … Read More

Win a Copy of The Vinyl Revival Film & Book

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COMPETITION CLOSED – Winner Announced:Huge congratulations to Neil who is our winner of the competition. Neil has been contacted via email and we’ll be getting the prize out to him very soon. Not to worry if you haven’t been lucky this time. We’re always running regular competitions here at Sound Matters, so we look forward to giving our readers another … Read More

Ten of the Best Budget to Mid-Range Turntables in 2020

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Vinyl is back! The momentum behind consumer enthusiasm for the vinyl experience shows no sign of slowing, and while streaming offers day-to-day convenience on a mass-market level, vinyl continues to appeal among the most decerning of music fans.  Hi-Fi equipment across the board has a reputation for costing a lot of money, but in truth, there are plenty of options … Read More

Does Colored Vinyl Sound Worse Than Black Vinyl?

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Colored vinyl gets a bad wrap among vinyl and HiFi circles. For years, colored pressings were infamous for lousy quality. They are subsequently cast aside to this day by many as little more than a marketing gimmick. But is this really fair? Can the color of a vinyl record really make that much difference?  On face value, a debate around how color … Read More