Best Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

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Owning physical copies of your favorite albums is the best way to experience music. They’re collectible, tactile, and in many cases, beautiful works of art. Best of all, with the right recording, mastering, and production, they sound fantastic. Unlike streaming services, of course, records take up space. As your collection grows, you’ll need to find more spaces in your home … Read More

Top Vinyl Record Accessories Every Enthusiast Should Own

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One great aspect of vinyl record collecting is the countless improvements and upgrades you can make to build and improve on any setup. No matter how much you spent on your deck, there numerous vinyl accessories that can make a significant difference to your Hi-Fi experience.  Some vinyl accessories are essential if you want your records to last a lifetime … Read More

VMP Classics Subscription Review

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A VMP Classics subscription is the perfect way to explore a new or existing love for soul, blues, and jazz. Having spent recent years acquiring a broad range of classic albums by Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and Coleman Hawkins, Sound Matters review the latest from VMP Classics. For music exploration, nothing quite beats a record subscription service. The … Read More

Best Headphones for Vinyl Records

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For most of us, speakers are the most common choice for vinyl playback. Speakers allow you to fill the room, generate an atmosphere and share the musical experience with friends and family. There are times, though, where a set of great headphones and a more private listening experience is advantageous, or perhaps (if you live with housemates or close-contact neighbors), … Read More

Best Budget Phono Cartridges for Great Sound Quality

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Your phono cartridge is arguably the most important piece of kit in your entire setup. Why? Because the cartridge and its stylus are responsible for tracking the groove. The accuracy and detail captured at this point are critical, as no amount of upgrading your pre-amp, amplifier, or speakers will make up for poor quality at the sound source. Replacing or … Read More

The Ultimate LED Turntable Light? UBERLIGHT FLEX Review

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All too often, USB LED lights for the turntable market are small, flimsy, and ultimately disappointing. Could this product from Reliable Corporation change all that? Up until now, my overall experience of USB gooseneck lights has been a fairly lackluster affair; most are pretty poorly made and represent more of a gimmick than a serious desk light. So naturally, I … Read More

VMP Record Subscription Review

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VMP (Vinyl Me, Please) is one of the world’s most established record clubs. Their special releases and collaborative approach have earned them a reputation for producing some of the most desirable pressings in the industry.  To learn more about what makes VMP such a desirable record club, we delve into their latest Essentials Record of the Month release. After which, … Read More

Ortofon 2M Mono Review – Does a Mono Phono Cartridge Sound Better?

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For those who prefer to watch rather than read, there is a video overview at the bottom of this post. I’m a fan of the Ortofon 2M range of cartridges; they provide an affordable entry point to audiophile quality with a clear upgrade path for those seeking a modular approach to signal path improvements.  Arguably, your cartridge is the most … Read More