Record Player Stands: Tables for Turntables 

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Investing in a dedicated record player stand or a turntable unit is essential if you want to get the most from your vinyl hobby.

There are many units available (all with different pros and cons) designed to suit different living spaces and record collections. 

In reality, any solid cabinet or surface can make a great space to house your turntable, but there are benefits to choosing a dedicated record player stand, such as efficient integrated record storage or helping to create a focal point in your listening space. 

To help you find the best record player stand for you, we’ve collated our pick of the very best options to suit a variety of spaces and budgets.

For the purpose of this article, we use the terms record player and turntable interchangeably. Traditionally, record players are all-in-one units that play records without the need for external speakers. Turntables, on the other hand, are separate devices that require a separate amp and speakers. More on this topic here. 

Way Basics Modular Record Player Stand

One of the most cost-effective ways to get started, the Way Basics cubes make a great surface or table for your deck and are perfectly-sized to house records.

You can easily fit a small turntable or record player on top of a single unit, or line up two cubes to increase the surface area for larger turntables. 

As a very affordable, modular design, they’re the perfect way to get started as you scale up your collection, cube by cube. 


LELELINKY Record Player Stand

For new record collectors just getting started, a Crosley Cruiser or Victrola record player is often the first point of entry. Seasoned audiophiles may turn their noses up at these low-cost retro suitcase designs, but they have lowered the entry barrier for younger collectors discovering music on vinyl. 

The LELELINKY Record Player Stand is perfectly sized to house a compact all-in-one record player and a handful of records beneath. The handy compartments make it easy to organize a small collection and prevent excessive leaning of records, which can lead to warping. 

Unlike many tables for record players with metal frames, this wooden mid-century unit stores your records safely without applying unwanted pressure by grates that can easily disfigure your album covers. 


Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

A solid stable surface is essential when selecting a stand for your turntable or record player. It’s best to stay clear of weak plastic stands or highly resonant metal frames, as this can lead to poor audio quality or, worse, a disastrous collapse of the entire unit.

Units like this one with hairpin legs help to minimize contact with floor surface areas, which, if you’re playing very loud music, can cause vibrations to travel through your turntable stand and be amplified by your record-playing system.  

The top surface can easily hold a compact automatic turntable or record player and is perfect for Bluetooth turntables in a living room setting.

For additional vinyl record storage, also check out the double-sized Novogratz record player stand. Pictured above. 


Pangea Audio Vulcan Five Shelf Turntable & HiFi Stand

If you need a record player stand that can hold your turntable and many HiFi separates in one compact unit, the Pangea Audio Vulcan is a strong, space-saving solution. 

Each shelf can hold 75 lbs. for a total load of 350 lbs.

The cleverly designed feet resist scratching wood surfaces and help dampen vibrations using a very durable polymer and by minimizing contact surface area. 

The open design will please audiophiles concerned with gear ventilation, as closed in areas can restrict your gear from cooling down efficiently. Lastly, not everyone likes the wood aesthetic of record cabinets and mid-century-style turntable stands. 


Pangea Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage

For vinyl enthusiasts seeking a similar design for a more compact setup, the smaller Pangea turntable stands with integrated vinyl record storage could be just the ticket. 

It combines the same build quality as its bigger brother but in a more compact design suitable for a separate turntable, amp and small collection of records. 


Line Phono Turntable Station

This US-made record player stand is constructed using 13-ply baltic birch for strong build quality and a work-bench aesthetic. 

For a unit that fits up to 200 LPs and features a handy shelf for accessories or a small amplifier, it’s impressively compact—taking up just 2.6 sq ft of floor space.

Record player or turntable stands have the distinct advantage of being more compact than record cabinets or large record shelves, and this design is one of the most considered approaches we’ve encountered on the market. The side-access headphone hook is a nice space-saving addition.


Vintage Record Player Stand

If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, restoring a true vintage record player stand is worth pursuing to get a little extra character and something truly unique for your home.

A quick search on eBay for “vintage record player stand” often reveals some really interesting pieces of furniture, including this old phonograph cabinet stand pictured below.

Go Bespoke with a Custom Turntable Stand

Bespoke units for housing turntables, record players and record collections are becoming increasingly popular and affordable. 

By going bespoke, you can tailor the unit to suit your setup, collection size, and living space. Just recently, I ordered a new unit from Flecther & Mils a furniture supplier making cube units that are solid wood and perfect for housing records. Ranging from four to sixteen cubes, going bespoke doesn’t have to be reserved for epic room-filling record collections.

Etsy is another great spot for sourcing customizable or bespoke tables for record players. Take this example in the US which boasts custom colors and a range of sizes from 18-36 inches, all hand-made to order.

Record Player Stands: The Bottom Line

The best record or turntable stand for you depends greatly on where you are in your vinyl journey. 

For many, a simple stand capable of holding an all-in-one record player and a handful of records is all they’ll ever need.

Should your interest in the vinyl hobby grow with time, so too will your need for a larger, more substantial turntable stand and record storage unit. 

Regardless of where you are or how far you want to go as a record collector, all record and turntable stands must have three things in common:

One: They must be sturdy. The security of your records and turntable are essential. Nobody wants to come home from work to a collapsed shelf and damaged equipment or records.

Two: They must have a flat, even surface. Uneven surfaces may cause your turntable or record player to “rock” when handled. Any stand or table you choose needs to have a nice flat surface as a base from which you can make adjustments to ensure your deck is level.

Three:  To a certain degree, they should also help minimize vibrations making it back into your audio system through the stylus. Hairpin legs are popular not only because they evoke a mid-century modern style, but also because minimizing contact with floors helps control vibration issues. Solid, very rigid surfaces also help here, so it’s best to avoid anything light and flimsy. 


  • Marc Henshall

    Marc is the owner of Sound Matters and a musician with a BSc Honours Degree in Music Technology. His love for records grew in the fallout from digital downloads and a feeling that, somehow, without the physical medium, the magic was lost.

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Vinyl records

There are plenty of low cost options. This solution lets you flip and play at waist height. What’s best is that you have the bucket to place the empty sleeve whilst you carefully place the disc on the turntable

Wayne R Sharaf

Hi Marc!
One inexpensive solution is to attach brackets to the wall and place a properly sized flat board that doesn’t warp. Could be for your turntable or other audio gear, (but not the speakers). Doing this effectively decouples vibrations, allowing you to walk across the floor without affecting the stylus. Added benefit: you don’t lose floor space


An inexpensive way to dampen vibrations regardless of your stand is to use Sorbothane feet.


Excellent article,
I own the Pangea Vulcan Rack with vinyl storage and it’s a very sturdy product, it holds my turntable, amplifier and cd transport, I added the glide feet and it’s easy to move on my hardwood floor. Highly recommend the product.