Best Outer Record Sleeves for Maximum Protection

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A crisp, brand-new record straight off the production line is a beauty to behold. Untouched by the outside world, your new record arrives spotless and ready to provide years, decades, and possibly generations of joy.

Vinyl really is the best format for experiencing the album as an art form. But there’s a problem…

As soon as we begin enjoying our new record, the signs of wear start to appear. Constant use, pulling the record in and out of storage, perusing the liner notes, and eventually sliding the record back afterward can quickly take its toll. 

Scuffed edges, ring wear, and scratches are all signs of outer-record jacket wear we want to avoid if our investment is to stand the test of time. Nobody likes a dog-eared record.

Inner sleeves protect the vinyl record, but if we want to preserve the artwork, we also want to invest in the best outer record sleeves. For recommendations on the best inner sleeves, check out our previous article.

Today, we’ll list our personal recommendations of the best outer record sleeves to help preserve your album for many years to come. 

MoFi Outer Record Sleeves

MoFi Inner Sleeves have set the industry standard for many years. Similarly, their outer sleeves are some of the best outer record sleeve on the market.

Available in packs of 50 for under $25, they’re economical but also high in quality. The material is a solid 4mil (101.6 microns) thick polyethylene, which is 1mil thicker than many of the cheaper competition.

They will comfortably fit single, double, or gatefold LPs, and you can place the record inside with the opening facing out for easy record access (or turned 90 degrees for maximum dust protection). Clarity-wise, I’ve seen clearer outer sleeves, but for the price, the MoFi outer sleeves are an excellent and safe way to protect a lot of records without breaking the bank. 


Big Fudge Crystal Clear Outer Sleeves

These outer sleeve options from the vinyl accessory brand Big Fudge have a distinct, clear advantage. (Sorry, that pun just had to happen). They’re made from high-density polypropylene, which is generally less prone to crumpling than polyethylene, but also benefits from greater clarity. 

Polypropylene is known for its high flexibility and strength, plus its resistance to moisture and chemical reactions. You’ll definitely feel like your collection pops out more and has a premium feel. 

Their standard 12-inch jackets will fit most single, double, and gatefold records, but to maintain full visibility of a gatefold, they also make specific polypropylene gatefold sleeves. 


Vinyl Storage Solutions (VSS) Dual Pocket Outer Sleeves

Also made from crystal-clear polypropylene, these highly convenient sleeve designs from VSS are available as a premium 4mil thickness. The clever dual pocket design enables you to fully seal the record jacket while retaining full access to your vinyl record via a second pocket. 

Purists may prefer to keep the record inside the security of the album cover for maximum protection. However, there’s no doubt the dual pocket design makes the record more accessible while still allowing you to turn the vinyl 90 degrees for maximum dust protection. 

Using the code SOUNDMATTERS10, you can now get 10% off your order at


VSS Gatefold Record Sleeves

Outer record sleeves are perfect for protecting our precious records, but when it comes to gatefold album covers, the constant removal of the album jacket from the outer record sleeves causes unwanted wear and tear over time.

With VSS gatefold outer record sleeves, you can completely seal and protect those beautiful gatefold jackets while still being able to open the gatefold fully and retain easy access to the record for playback.

So it’s a win-win, really. The outer record jacket is protected, you can appreciate the open gatefold artwork, and the record is removable without having to pull the entire jacket out!

….Even better, VSS gatefold sleeves come in different sizes to accommodate both thinner vintage gatefold records and significantly thicker modern releases.

Again, use SOUNDMATTERS10 at the link below for 10% off your order:


Spincare Resealable Outer Record Sleeves

Similar to the VSS dual sleeve designs, these crystal-clear polypropylene sleeves feature a resealable tape design.

There is no secondary pocket, but the tape remains sticky. You can still access the record and reseal the tape after, but in my experience, this style of outer record sleeve is best reserved for collectible pieces you want to store for the long term.

You can pick these up in three different sizes to accommodate single, double and triple LPs. 


Vinyl Box Set Sleeves

It’s not just standard record jackets and gatefold album artwork we want to protect for the long term. Vinyl releases come in all shapes and sizes.

Going one step above standard releases, vinyl box sets are the zenith of a listening experience, offering additional booklets and artwork.

Thankfully, there are now options on the market to sleeve up those expensive box set releases.

I use the VSS box set sleeves; full video review below.


Outer Record Sleeves: Material Quality Matters

Material quality matters when it comes to record sleeves; we don’t want to store our collection in anything that might cause damage. So which type should you avoid at all costs?

Traditionally, record collectors would store their albums in thick PVC outer sleeves. PVC-based products can cause contamination and serious damage to your records. Because your records are also made from PVC (an oil-based product), the two items can merge, given the wrong climate. The result is a misting effect on the record, which is audible as hiss. This terrible situation is not so affectionately referred to as “vinyl cancer” by the vinyl community.

You can avoid this irreversible damage to your records by ensuring you only use polyethylene or polypropylene sleeves. 

(For more information on how to safely store your vinyl records, check out our full feature on record storage best practice).

Best Outer Record Sleeves – The Bottom Line

Without the right outer sleeves, your album covers will quickly show signs of wear.

Material quality is the most important factor in choosing record sleeves, and while polyethylene is perfectly safe, there’s nothing quite like the clarity of polypropylene to really make an album cover pop. 

Beyond materials, every collector has their own personal preferences when it comes to function and design.

Some love a dual-pocket design, while others prefer a traditional single-pocket sleeve.

Similarly, resealable tape is not for everyone, but we can all agree that vinyl is the best format for celebrating the album as an art form.

Let’s protect those album covers for future generations to enjoy.


  • Marc Henshall

    Marc is the owner of Sound Matters and a musician with a BSc Honours Degree in Music Technology. His love for records grew in the fallout from digital downloads and a feeling that, somehow, without the physical medium, the magic was lost.

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Just returned 50 Big Fudge outer sleeves for being too small. Barley fit a single LP, and ripped trying to insert a double LP.

Vinyl records

Outer sleeves are a must. To stop dust mainly, and to protect the artwork.

Marin James

You are wrong! My God have you not heard of Vinyl Storage Solutions??
EVERYBODY check out web site. You will be happy you did. Bye
Please, Please do not contact me. This is a one time shot.


They say these sleeves eliminate static…I have yet to find one that does! I’ve tried Big Fudge, Mobile Fidelity Original Master, Invest in Vinyl, and the last one I can’t recall I think it may have been Skyrate? Anyway, whenever I pull a record out of what ever sleeve you can hear and feel the static electricity. I guess they only they they do is not scratch the records like original paper will.


Just a note; I’ve heard this recommandation before not to use pvc as they can damage the vinyl leaving a milky shade possibly even audible too on the vinyl!?
The weird thing is I’ve been buying and protecting my record collection in pvc sleeves since 83 and I can tell you for a fact that not ONE SINGLE of my over 2000 records has said damage. NOT ONE! ??‍♂️
Neither my about 200 7” singles kept in pvc as well. Not even those that I’ve stored for 35 years or more. The lovely clear pvc on the other hand has kept them in remarkable shape.

And for the record (pun had to be made) I havent lived in the same place for 40 years with the vinyl kept in a specially designed humidity controlled room. ? The records have always had a nice place in my living or dining rooms through life tho, never in basements (for long) or other places with possible excessive humidity but that goes without saying doesnt it??

I will of course continue to buy pvc for my vinyl as they are clearer and has a nicer fit and feel to them.
Feel free what to do of course contrary to the article I can only recommend pvc based on almost 40 years of experience.

(and no, pls, I dont work for or is affiliated in any way with producers of pvc-sleeves, records or anything of that ilk.)?


I’m glad your record collection remains unscathed. One point of data to the contrary does not conclusively disprove the information given here though. Obviously you do you, though! ?

Robert Dore

Doesn’t he present over 2000 points of data?