Classic Albums: The Meters Rejuvenation

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The Meter’s fifth album, Rejuvenation saw the New Orleans funk masters reach the pinnacle of their songwriting prowess. Unlike most classic albums, Rejuvenation was a relative commercial non-event at the time, but undoubtedly solidified the group as one of the most influential funk groups in music history.  A huge thank you to VMP who provided the album for this Classic … Read More

Nine Classic Album Covers and What Makes them Great

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For any vinyl collector, a considerable part of the appeal and experience is the artwork. In many cases, album covers are classic art pieces in their own right and a significant contributor to pop culture. Countless classic album covers are instantly recognizable; they transcend generational boundaries and form part of our collective identity as a society. In some case, they … Read More

Classic Albums: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

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Every so often, an album comes along that changes everything. Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is one of those albums and a classic landmark body of work within the hip-hop and rap genre. When VMP (Vinyl Me Please) announced the album as their September Essentials Record of the Month, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate another classic album. … Read More

Classic Albums: Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

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Fleetwood Mac’s ubiquitous Rumours is the classic album that almost never happened. The story behind one of the biggest selling albums of all time is filled with tales of love, despair, anger, drugs, and revenge. The troubled relationships playing out during the album recording are well-known and arguably play a big part in making this such a timeless album.  What’s … Read More

Classic Albums: The Doors – The Doors

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The Doors debut album is a true classic rock album that pushed boundaries, opened minds and explored universal topics of self-exploration that make it as relevant today as the day it was released. To say The Doors is a classic album would be a severe understatement. Iconic and era-defining are better words to describe an album at the center of … Read More