Ten of the Best Vinyl Record Subscription Services in 2023

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Across the vinyl community, there is a shared appreciation for the experience of collecting and playing records. We all have an affection for the physical product and the extra dimension it brings to the music we love. As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, there is a growing number of vinyl record subscriptions and record … Read More

Rega Fono Mini A2D MK2 Review

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Could Rega’s entry-level phono stage be one of the best budget phono preamps on the market? If you want to get the very best performance from your turntable’s cartridge, a great-sounding phono preamp is essential.  Rega has a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional audiophile value with products prioritizing sound quality over bells and whistles.  The Fono Mini A2D MK2 is … Read More

Best Phono Preamps 2023: Amazing Sound at Any Budget

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Our roundup of the best phono stage options. We’ve got you covered: From budget phono preamps that kickstart your vinyl journey to high-end options designed to suit the true vinyl connoisseur. If you own a turntable, you’ll need a phono stage somewhere in your setup to boost the very low output of your turntable cartridge and apply equalization based on … Read More

Best Budget Phono Preamps for Amazing Sound

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If you’re buying your first vinyl setup, you’ll need to make sure you have a phono preamp somewhere in the signal chain. In straightforward terms, a phono preamp amplifies the signal up to a level suitable for the AUX input on your Hi-Fi receiver. Also, it will apply an equalization curve to inverse the standard frequency adjustment made during the … Read More

Vinyl Record Dimensions: A Complete Guide

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Understanding the different dimensions of vinyl record covers is important if you want to store your records safely, or display them creatively in your home.  Knowing the right dimensions can help you choose the right record storage, account for thicker gatefold album covers, or even design your own album cover if you happen to be working with a band or … Read More

Best Tube Phono Preamps to Suit Any Budget

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In most other industries, vacuum tubes have gone the way of the dodo, replaced by more sturdy and durable transistor-based circuits.  Audio equipment, both for consumer HiFi use and professional studio recording gear, is a different story. In the world of audio, vacuum tubes still hold a place in the hearts of audiophiles for their unique sound characteristics. Tube phono … Read More

Classic Albums: Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

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By the beginning of the 70s the music world was in a significant transition state. The Beatles were done, and a combination of events, including the Stone’s notorious Altamont show in December 1969 signaled that the “peace and love” movement was dead. It was time to usher in a new era.  Despite the turmoil, The Rolling Stones were really hitting … Read More

How to Clean Vinyl Records – The Ultimate Guide

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How to clean vinyl records. Cleaning tools image.

Vinyl records are more popular than ever. Their distinctive sound, and immersive, tactile listening experience has solidified the format as the ultimate way to own music. When properly looked after, your vinyl record collection will last a lifetime and beyond, and a huge part of this is keeping your vinyl clean. Most importantly of all, clean vinyl records sound amazing, … Read More

Degritter MARK II Review: The World’s Best Ultrasonic Record Cleaner?

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The Estonian brand Degritter took the vinyl community by storm when it released its original Degritter record cleaning machine just a few short years ago.  The Degritter record cleaner quickly built a reputation for being one of the best ultrasonic record cleaning machines for home use. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the Degritter MARK II promises even better performance. Can … Read More

Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 Review – An Audiophile Bargain?

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With its minimalistic design but impressive versatility, the Phono Box DS2 promises audiophile quality at a bargain price. Can it deliver on this promise and how does this phono preamp compare to it’s more expensive tube counterpart, the Tube Box DS2? As the owner of Pro-Ject’s Stereo Box DS2 integrated amplifier with a built-in phono stage, I was curious to … Read More