How to Balance a Tonearm & Set Turntable Tracking Force

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Adjusting your tonearm tracking force is one of the most important aspects of setting up your turntable. You need to apply the correct amount of downward pressure so the stylus can accurately track your records. Failing to set this correctly can result in poor sound quality, or worse, damaged records.  If you’ve just purchased a turntable, there’s a good chance … Read More

Classic Albums: Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak

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Guest contributor, Brandon Stoner tells the story of Thin Lizzy’s 1976 breakthrough album, Jailbreak. By the time Thin Lizzy stepped into London’s Ramport Studios to begin production on their sixth studio record Jailbreak they were confident, flashy, and ready to take on anything. With a stiff upper lip and proverbial stiff middle fingers in the air they knew they had … Read More

How to Clean Vinyl Records – The Ultimate Guide

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How to clean vinyl records. Cleaning tools image.

Vinyl records are more popular than ever. Their distinctive sound, and immersive, tactile listening experience has solidified the format as the ultimate way to own music. When properly looked after, your vinyl record collection will last a lifetime and beyond, and a huge part of this is keeping your vinyl clean. Most importantly of all, clean vinyl records sound amazing, … Read More

How Often Should You Clean Vinyl Records

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Cleaning vinyl records is a necessary part of the vinyl hobby. For some, it puts them off record collecting entirely, while for others, it’s all part of the tactile nature of the format and a large part of its appeal. In essence, restoring an old record can be very rewarding. But how often should you clean vinyl records? Is there … Read More

10 Fun Facts About Vinyl Records For The True Vinyl Geek

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Despite the convenience of digital streaming, vinyl records continue to grow in popularity.  The world of vinyl is full of interesting facts and details that even the most seasoned collector might not know. To celebrate the lasting returning success of a format once written off as obsolete, we’ve compiled a list of fun facts about vinyl records for the true … Read More

Win a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

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We’ve teamed up with Pro-Ject Audio Systems to give one lucky grand prize winner the chance to win a Debut Carbon EVO turntable* The Debut Carbon EVO retails for £449 and focuses on the core aspects that make a turntable sound great. It’s everything we love about the original Debut Carbon, but just a little more grown-up. In particular, features … Read More