Degritter MARK II Review: The World’s Best Ultrasonic Record Cleaner?

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The Estonian brand Degritter took the vinyl community by storm when it released its original Degritter record cleaning machine just a few short years ago.  The Degritter record cleaner quickly built a reputation for being one of the best ultrasonic record cleaning machines for home use. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the Degritter MARK II promises even better performance. Can … Read More

Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 Review – An Audiophile Bargain?

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With its minimalistic design but impressive versatility, the Phono Box DS2 promises audiophile quality at a bargain price. Can it deliver on this promise and how does this phono preamp compare to it’s more expensive tube counterpart, the Tube Box DS2? As the owner of Pro-Ject’s Stereo Box DS2 integrated amplifier with a built-in phono stage, I was curious to … Read More

Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 Review – A Highly Versatile Tube Phone Preamp?

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The Tube Box DS2 promises audiophile phono stage credentials with added tube “warmth” and versatility to suit a wide range of cartridges. Does it deliver the musicality and character vacuum tubes are known for? Sound Matters compare the performance of a built-in phono preamp to the Tube Box DS2 as a component upgrade. Impressive Versatility Sound quality aside, the Tube … Read More

Best Record Cleaning Machines

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If you’re the proud owner of a large vinyl record collection, or you want to step up your record cleaning game, a record cleaning machine is one of the best investments you can make. Yes, they require some investment up-front, but in the name of priceless record preservation and the pursuit of audio nirvana, they are worth every penny.  There … Read More

Best Turntable Isolation Platform: Buyer’s Guide

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Vibration and resonance are the enemies of many vinyl enthusiasts. At best, it clouds the audio output, hindering your listening enjoyment. Worse still, it can disturb your stylus enough to knock it straight out of the groove during playback. There are many ways to guard your turntable against vibrations and resonance, from choosing the right turntable position to upgrading your … Read More

Best Turntable Mats for Improved Sound Quality

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At first, changing a record mat can seem like a mere aesthetic upgrade. After all, can the material between your records and the turntable platter really make a difference to the sound?  The truth is, everything affects the sound when it comes to a physical format like vinyl!  Choosing the right turntable mat can make a significant difference to the performance of … Read More

Pro-Ject MaiA S3 Review – Small Amp, Big Sound?

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Pro-Ject recently announced the launch of their upgraded MaiA integrated amplifier. The new MaiA S3 is said to boast several upgrades on the original design to deliver flexibility and audiophile-quality sound in a compact design. The fundamental question is: can the S3 punch above its weight? Pro-Ject first released the MaiA amplifier in 2014. The name stands for “My Audiophile … Read More

The Best Vintage Turntables for Audiophiles

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Buying a vintage turntable can offer many advantages over shiny new decks fresh off the production line. First and foremost, going vintage can make obtaining a higher-quality turntable more affordable. The potential to grab a bargain will undoubtedly appeal to many record collectors, as, let’s face it, HiFi audio and record collecting isn’t exactly the cheapest of hobbies. When choosing … Read More

HEXMAT Eclipse Review – The Best Platter Mat?

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Back in 2020, Hungarian innovators HEXMAT turned the platter mat market on its head with the truly unique Yellow Bird record isolator. The new Eclipse model promises further improvements on the initial concept. Can it deliver? Sound Matters put the HEXMAT Eclipse through its paces.  Platter mats are often overlooked in the turntable accessory market. After all, why would a … Read More