Audio Technica AT-LP3XBT Review – Automatic Bluetooth Turntable

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For music lovers looking to add hassle-free vinyl playback to their system, the AT-LP3XBT offers much convenience and connectivity. Audio Technica’s LP3XBT is a fully automatic turntable based on their popular LP3 model. As the model number suggests, the latest incarnation brings the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, but it doesn’t stop there… The LP3XBT also features the new AT-VM95 cartridges … Read More

Pro-Ject Announce Limited Edition “Dark Side of the Moon” Turntable

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Special Edition Turntable – Dim the Lights: Relive Your Perfect Dark Side of the Moon listening experience. First unveiled at the High-End Munich 2023 show, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has announced the official release of their Dark Side Of The Moon turntable. This limited edition release deck is the latest addition to their “Artist Collection” series, celebrating the 50th anniversary of … Read More

How to Use A Crosley Record Player (Easy Guide with Video)

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So… you just received your Crosley Record Player. If so, there’s a good chance you’re new to the world of record collecting and have plenty of questions! For those who are new to the world of vinyl or have recently acquired a Crosley record player, operating said record player can seem quite daunting. After all, we don’t want to risk … Read More

Record Player Sounds Distorted? Here’s How to Fix It

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When vinyl records are at their best, I wholeheartedly believe it’s the best way to enjoy music. As with any physical media, though, there are several reasons why they might not perform at their best. If your record player or turntable sounds distorted (some might say their record player sounds fuzzy), there’s a good chance the reason falls into one … Read More

Can Vinyl Records Melt? What’s the Vinyl Record Melting Point?

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In a world where digital music is the norm, vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence as audiophiles, collectors, and casual listeners alike celebrate their tangible allure and distinct sound. If you’re here reading this page, however, you’re likely wondering: How durable are your precious records? Can vinyl records melt? And, if so, at what temperature? The short answer is yes. … Read More

Best Outer Record Sleeves for Maximum Protection

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A crisp, brand-new record straight off the production line is a beauty to behold. Untouched by the outside world, your new record arrives spotless and ready to provide years, decades, and possibly generations of joy. Vinyl really is the best format for experiencing the album as an art form. But there’s a problem… As soon as we begin enjoying our … Read More

How to Handle Vinyl Records Correctly – Prevent Damage!

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Collecting records is a rewarding hobby. There’s nothing quite like the tactile process of selecting a record, gently pulling it from its sleeve, and carefully cueing up the stylus to unleash beautiful music.  Handle vinyl records correctly, and they will reward you with a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Mishandle them, on the other hand, and you will quickly ruin the … Read More

The History of the Record Player and Turntables

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When you pull a record from its sleeve, place it on your turntable, and lower the stylus, you’re witnessing a beautiful playback mechanism over 100 years in the making. What began as an inherent human desire to preserve our mortal voices eventually unfolded through a series of incremental breakthroughs that gave birth to a cultural music revolution. Your modern turntable … Read More

Vinyl Box Set Sleeves Review – Innovations from VSS (Vinyl Storage Solutions

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As a record collector, who doesn’t love a beautifully presented box set? After all, a huge part of the vinyl format’s unlikely success in the digital age is the experience of a physical product. Going one step above standard releases, vinyl box sets are the zenith of a listening experience. In most cases, they offer something extra beyond the record … Read More

Vinyl Moon Review: Art & Music Unite

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Record subscription services offer vinyl lovers and music fans the opportunity to discover new music and enjoy premium and exclusive record releases.  I’ve trialed many record subscription services in my time running Sound Matters and seen numerous services come and go.  During this time, I’ve learned one crucial thing: for a subscription service to endure, it must be unique; in … Read More