5 Smart IKEA Record Storage Solutions

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If you’re anything like me, IKEA isn’t usually the first place you think of when it comes to having fun. Unless, of course, your primary reason for visiting is actually a thinly disguised excuse for a cheeky meatball feast – then perhaps, you could be forgiven for enjoying your weekend trips to the land of affordable flatpack.

In all seriousness, though, you’d rather be spinning some records, right!? But what if I told you there was a way to feed your vinyl habit and eat meatballs? That’s right, IKEA has plenty of storage and furniture products that just so happens to double as perfect vinyl record storage solutions. Here are a few highlights that I’ve stumbled across over the years…

1- KALLAX Shelving unit

At this point, the KALLAX shelving units are a classic and perhaps the most widely known option from IKEA that are suitable for vinyl record storage. They come in a variety of finishes (including the clean and contemporary white pictured) and each unit is perfectly sized for housing records. There are larger versions of the KALLAX available; you’ll just have to be a little mindful of weight, as you don’t want any record landslides taking place from overloading! IKEA recommends not exceeding 13kg for each shelf.

Still don’t fancy the trip to IKEA? These units are also currently available on Amazon.

2- FJÄLLBO Shelving unit

If clean cut and contemporary isn’t your thing, you might consider the FJÄLLBO instead. Built from a metal and solid wood frame, the FJÄLLBO has added built-in doors to help prevent little hands from tampering with those delicate vinyl treasures. Also, with a depth of 33cm, the solid wood top makes for a sturdy flat surface that houses most turntables comfortably. Again, perfect for keeping little hands (or even pets) out of harm’s way.

3- Get Modular with EKET Cabinets

The EKET range of cabinets provide an opportunity for endless creativity. You can stack them, mount them on a wall, add mid-century style legs, and even mix different colors. If you’re looking for a storage solution you can expand as your collection grows, then the modular EKET range is ideal. They’re also perfect for homes where floor-space is at a premium.

If you search “IKEA EKET Record Storage” on Pinterest, there are countless examples of creative “hacks” using these units to build all sorts of great record storage solutions. Time to get your thinking cap on—preferably with a record on for inspiration.

4 – MALMBÄCK – Display Shelf

IKEA’s popular GLADSAX vinyl frame might be discontinued, but that doesn’t stop you from seeking out alternative (arguably more creative) was of displaying a few choice records around your home. IKEA pitches the MALMBÄCK display shelf as “the perfect way to show paintings or photos..” And since many classic album covers are undoubtedly artistic and beautiful, why not swap the photos for your favorite records? Conveniently, the MALMBÄCK also doubles up as the perfect wall-mounted “Now Spinning” display.

Similarly, the narrower, MOSSLANDA model is another picture ledge you could use in the same way.

5 Get Creative – Mix & Match

If you feel like taking on a project, there’s a whole host of potential record storage options throughout IKEA’s portfolio. For example, this mid-century style piece (pictured below) could make the perfect living-room showpiece with just a little modification. Once the internal shelves are removed, vinyl records easily slot inside. If you’re feeling creative, you could go one step further and replace the legs with modern hairpin-style versions. (You can purchase these from specialist companies, and this simple modification can transform a piece of furniture).

The beauty is, almost anything large enough to house vinyl records could become a potential storage option, you’ll just have to think outside the box a little (see what I did there) about how you finish the piece. Second-hand furniture stores and antique shops are a great source of potential record storage units just waiting for your creative input.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Since this article was originally published (in March 2017), IKEA have sadly discontinued a number of the following products. I’ve kept them in this article, as they were popular options for record enthusiasts, and who knows, you might be able to score one second hand if you do little digging. The record frame was a particularly popular option among our readers; subsequently, I’ve also included a couple of alternative options as a replacement.

Discontinued: NORNÄS Bench

The NORNÄS range are my personal favorite vinyl storage solutions from Ikea as they’re a solid pine construction which adds immediate character and authenticity. Better still, they are easily waxed, painted, or stained to give them a custom look. I stained mine a dark walnut color to convey a more sophisticated finish that wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary city apartment.

If you’re wondering about the added shelf in the central compartment, you’ll be pleased to know the shelf is easily removed to allow for more record storage. Equally, if you only need two compartments, simply incorporate the added shelf for handy storage of your vinyl accessories (cleaning equipment, record clamps, replacement styli, and more). For a cleaner storage option, consider adding one of Ikea’s many finished storage boxes for a plush finished look.

Discontinued: GLADSAX – Vinyl Wall Display

Looking to display your records on a wall? The GLADSAX frame is designed to hold LP-records. They’re also cheap: $7.99 at the time of writing.

(As for an alternative for the now discontinued IKEA vinyl record frame, Americanflat sell 2 Packs of a very similar black frame for vinyl).

Spotted a great IKEA vinyl record storage option that I haven’t mentioned? Drop your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

  • noelmt says:

    Kallax works for me! Great, inexpensive shelving option for all my vinyl.

  • I loved Gladsax but just learned that they discontinued the item about two years ago. Sigh. Anyone know of a *suitable* replacement? Their new frame of a similar size is more cheaply made and doesn’t fit covers well.

  • Craig H says:

    The IVAR system – slim pine modular shelves – is my go to. Weirdly strong. Great value. I just added some more. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/ivar-system-11703/

  • Paul Cama says:

    It’s funny I just bought another Kallax 8 square unit to go on top of my other one it’s not the same colour but close enough. & it’s already filled w/ records I think it’s a great store, You are right hey did discontinue quite a lot of things and I’m sad about that. But for this I got what I need. I also have 3 other units (an 8 cubby hole one just like the one I just bought a 4 tall cubby hole one, & a 4 square one that holes my computer stuff printer etc..) 2 house records there great Love em..

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