Music Fidelity Announce New Range of Balanced Power Conditioners

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The popular Hi-Fi manufacturer, Musical Fidelity has announced a new series of balanced power conditioners.

The new models (BPC3, BPC5, BPC10, and BPC16) aim to cater to a wide range of digital and analogue source devices, from low-powered amplifiers to small and large Hi-Fi systems, home theatre, and much larger stereo amps/receivers.

Musical Fidelity is quick to emphasize the importance of clean power for an optimal audio experience. Consequently, almost all of their products are equipped with what they call “superior, massive power supplies”.

This makes many of the Musical Fidelity products heavier, but is consequence of what the company calls their “commitment to clean power”.

“Leveraging our extensive expertise in crafting the finest power supplies, we now introduce the BPC power conditioning products”, states Heinz Lichtenegger, CEO of Audio Tuning (the Austrian-based audio specialists who now own the British brand).

“These will marginally enhance even the current MF products, which already boast substantial power supplies. However, they will significantly benefit products with limited quality power supplies and regulation, particularly digital devices.”

“Power conditioners must be carefully matched to the power consumption of your h i-fi equipment,” Lichtenegger continutes.

“All of our BPCs are carefully engineered for surge protection with DC blocking of up to 2V. We have over and under-voltage protection safeguarding you from connecting it to the wrong AC voltage. Overload protection makes sure your connected devices are safe any time.”

All the new balanced power conditioners from Music Fidelity are also equipped with multiple output zones, as Lichtenegger goes on to explain. “These zones allow you to isolate different types of devices. Separate switch mode PSUs from linear PSUs. Separate digital devices from analogue preamps. Or separate your power amp from the rest of your system to improve its performance by another fine margin.”

In the world of HiFi, all power supplies are certainly not made equal, and this range of BPC’s, Music Fidelity makes a point of difference difference in the size of transformer that is used. According to the company, all of them use carefully manufactured super-silent, low-noise, balanced isolating power transformers.

The transformer in the smallest model (the BPC3) is said to be tailored toward a multitude of analogue and digital source devices and low power amps.

The BPC16, on the other hand, is also able to handle a high number of digital and analog sources very well but is tailored for extremely power-hungry stereo or mono-block amplifiers or the biggest of home theatre systems with huge multi-channel amps.

In between sit the BPC5 and BPC10. The BPC5 is designed to comfortably supply one high-end amp with clean power, and the BPC10 starts venturing into home theater territory by having enough overhead for multi-amp setups. 

Available at Musical Fidelity dealers from July 2024 as US, EU, UK and AUS versions.


BPC3 – MSRP 1.999€ (incl. VAT.)

BPC5 – MSRP 3.499€ (incl. VAT.)

BPC10 – MSRP 4.999€ (incl. VAT.)

BPC16 – MSRP 5.999€ (incl. VAT.)


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