Austrian Audio Breaks into High-End HiFi with The Composer and Full Score One

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Austrian Audio, best known for its professional studio microphones and headphones, has announced its entry into the high-end HiFi audio market with the release of The Composer premium reference headphones and the Full Score One premium headphone amplifier.

A Peek into Austrian Audio’s Background

Founded in 2017 by a team of former AKG personnel, Austrian Audio has been making its mark in the audio industry, producing professional headphones and microphones and earning recognition for their dedication to sound quality.

The Composer Headphones

The Composer, Austrian Audio’s newly launched premium headphone, is designed with a commitment to delivering clear and detailed sound. It features a DLC-coated diaphragm and new Hi-X driver technology (Hi-X49DLC). The adjustable, tiltable earcups and easily replaceable magnetic attached ear pads are said to emphasize comfort and customization. 

The product also includes three detachable cables and a new Banana Jack connector, and it is packaged in an elegant black wooden gift box.

Features of The Composer:

  • DLC-coated diaphragm and Hi-X49DLC driver technology
  • Adjustable, tiltable earcups
  • Replaceable magnetic attached ear pads
  • Three detachable cables and a new Banana Jack connector
  • Packaged in a black wooden gift box
  • Made in Austria

The Full Score One Amplifier

Alongside The Composer, Austrian Audio has also announced the Full Score One, a premium headphone amplifier. It features a unique “True Transient Technology,” aiming to deliver unaltered transient sounds to the listener. The Full Score One is built using high-end or military-grade components, emphasizing durability and performance.

Details about the Full Score One:

  • Proprietary True Transient Technology
  • High-end potentiometer
  • Fully discrete, analog amplifier design with no ICs in the signal path
  • High voltage design for aimed higher dynamic range
  • Low noise at 6 dBA SPL (when paired with The Composer)

As a proud Austrian company, both these new releases are manufactured in Austria, which, the company states, “reflects Austrian Audio’s focus on quality and design.”

Pricing and Availability

The Composer is listed at an MSRP of $2499, and the Full Score One at $1499. Shipping starts soon.

Here at Sound Matters, we can’t wait to hear what The Composer and Full Score One sound like as a pair.

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