May 15, 2024 at 12:17 pm #237323
Shakey Young

hi & especially to KingsleyFox, thanks; I graduated to the same cleaning mixture as you but with a different brand of wetting agent & had continuing residue issues. However I never used a clean bath of only distilled/de-mineralised water as a final rinse, so my guess is that this helps wash out any leftover debris. I no longer have a Knosti or similar & am trying to find the most cost effective way of thorough cleaning whilst not breaking the bank! (more money for more records is my wish if at all possible).
Still pondering over the Humminguru as it appears extremely good value but am a little concerned as it is a very young company & there is some talk on the web of (limited) reliability problems. Good job I have two turntables so less than pristine copies are relegated to a Rega P3 & not my RP10.