April 23, 2024 at 4:18 pm #236077
Shakey Young

Hi there – so are you saying that you rinse in clean/distilled water after using the Knosti diluted fluid to clean? Sounds like a good idea but also sounds like you still suffer from residue despite the rinsing. I’ve now disposed of my Knosti, tried the Project with similar poor results (considered Spin Clean but not tried it) and am now left with searching around for something else more suitable/reliable. It’s strange that no-one else has mentioned this problem. Frustrating as I have couple of thousand LPs, with a growing pile of second hand/dirty ones desperately awaiting clean up before listening. I have read very favourable reviews and comments on ultra-sonic cleaning and am considering the Humminguru (if I can find it at a good price in UK) as it seems to rinse and dry effectively. Any others got a view on this? We can’t be alone…