April 23, 2024 at 1:23 pm #236070

I am a bit of a vinyl addict and currently have 17 turntables (15 of which are fully operational). This means that I have a large number of cartridges (more than one per deck!).
I use the Audio Technic ATVM95 range of MM cartridges extensively, mainly due to the general quality and the flexibility of having a range of five interchangeable styli. This allows me to use the bonded elliptical ATVM95E for reviewing 2nd hand vinyl prior to putting it up for sale on Discogs, which I can then change for a microline or a shibata stylus for personal listening.
My favourite deck is a Garrard 301 in a custom plinth, fitted with an Origin Live Encounter arm and the Audio Technica ATOC9XEN MC cartridge. I find that this set-up gives a very detailed soundstage, but also with a generally warm sound. This set-up tracks all of the HI-FI Sound test record tests at the recommended tracking weight of 2g and also seems to minimise the effects of minor surface noise.
Amongst others, I also have an Ortofon Quintet Red MC and 2M Blue MM on other decks, both of which I like.