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Twelve Inch products allow you to create a stunning and personal record gallery on the wall without any frames or visible parts. Their mission is to nurture and grow the love for vinyl records, by providing a flexible and elegant way to create amazing record galleries in the home.

Sound Matters Review Twelve Inch

Creative Ways to Display Your Vinyl Records

Besides the great sound, ritual, and process, a huge part of vinyl’s lasting appeal is undoubtedly the aesthetic. Enthusiasts hail the large format artwork and the sense of satisfaction that comes with physically owning the music you love as just part of the reason why vinyl record sales continue to grow year-on-year. Many album covers are pieces of art in

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“Twelve Inch” Magnet Vinyl Display Systems in Review

A big part of what draws music fans into the world of vinyl records is the joy of owning the physical product. Music on vinyl is both practical and beautiful, enticing many collectors to display records in their home as art in its own right. Just like a painting, the pieces you choose to display make a statement about you

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Easy to Install

Twelve Inch Makes it Possible to Create Beautiful Vinyl Wall Displays In Minutes.

GrooveWasher Distributor

Twelve Inch are also the European distributor of GrooveWasher products, helping to bring their superb record cleaning solutions to vinyl enthusiasts across the pond.

Top Record Cleaning Tools for Better Sounding Records


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