June 5, 2024 at 12:01 pm #237908

I thought that I would post this info, even though it is mostly a re-hash of my reply to the posts on the stylus residue questions.

For cleaning second hand records that I acquire I have settled on a homemade solution of 5% Iso-Propyl Alcohol, 95% Demineralised water with a few drops of Ilfotol (a wetting agent made by Ilford primarily for use during film development) which I use in a Knosti Disco Antistat. I find that this is an extremely effective cleaning solution, removes static and does not lead to a build up of stylus residue. I am aware of the ‘controversy’ regarding the use of alcohol and to guard against damage to my vinyl so use a second Knosti bath to rinse the cleaned record (before it has dried) in demineralised water (again with a few drops of Ilfotol). I have literally cleaned thousands of records using this arrangement over the last 10 years with great results and no adverse effects. I use this approach with all second hand discs that I buy and for ones in my collection (of ~5000 albums) that haven’t been cleaned for a number of years.

I also have an Okki Nokki cleaning machine, which I use with either L’Art du Son or Demineralised water with a few drops of Tergitol and Ilfotol. I use the Okki Nokki with new records, discs from my collection that I haven’t cleaned for a while and as a finishing step after the Knosti process (if judged to be required). I do recommend the Okki Nokki, but find that it is not as effective as the Knosti for cleaning to the bottom of the grooves of dirty second hand records.

If just want to clean one mildly dirty disc, and don’t want the hassle of setting up the Knosti or getting out the Okki Knokki, I use a Groove Washer (as recommended by Sound Matters!) which I find effective. On a historical note, I still have the original Discwasher version – which still works well after 45 years (although my stocks of the cleaning solution are almost gone).