Look After Your Records So They Last A Lifetime

Protect Your Investment

Your record collection likely cost you a lot of money. In many cases, you might even own a few priceless, rare original pressings.

Like us, you probably want to protect that investment.

A good record collection should last a lifetime and beyond. So to ensure your records last, we’ve compiled the best advice on how to store and protect your collection.

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Best Record Storage Guides

Marc Henshall

Storing Vinyl Records Safely to Protect Your Collection

Storing vinyl records safely is essential. Whether it’s for day-to-day accessibility or long-term in storage boxes, you must store them correctly to ensure they last a lifetime and beyond. You’ve worked hard to afford your collection, and the chances are, you’d like them to remain in great condition for as long as possible. If you’re anything like me, you’d probably

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Marc Henshall

Creative Ways to Display Your Vinyl Records

Besides the great sounds, ritual, and process, a huge part of vinyl’s lasting appeal is undoubtedly the aesthetic. Enthusiasts hail the large format artwork and the sense of satisfaction that comes with physically owning the music you love as just part of the reason why vinyl record sales continue to grow year-on-year. Many album covers are pieces of art in

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Marc Henshall

Best Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

Owning physical copies of your favorite albums is the best way to experience music. They’re collectible, tactile, and in many cases, beautiful works of art. Best of all, with the right recording, mastering, and production, they sound fantastic. Unlike streaming services, of course, records take up space. As your collection grows, you’ll need to find more spaces in your home

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Marc Henshall

Guard Your Records Against Moisture with Desiccant Cards

When considering how to store our vinyl records for the long term, it’s essential to consider the humidity of your environment and the subsequent exposure to moisture. If the humidity of our storage location starts to exceed around 55% or higher, we run the risk of mold growing on the record sleeve (or worse, on the vinyl itself).  If practical,

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Marc Henshall

Best Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves

To safely store your vinyl records, you need good quality inners sleeves. We’re all familiar with the standard-issue paper sleeves supplied with most new record releases, but are these really up to the job? Basic paper sleeves might be cheap to produce, but they’re not up to the job if you want your records to last a lifetime and beyond.

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Marc Henshall

Best Outer Record Sleeves for Maximum Protection

A crisp, brand new record straight off the production line is a beauty to behold. Untouched by the outside world, your new record arrives spotless and ready to provide years, decades, possibly generations of joy. Vinyl really is the best format for experiencing the album as an art form. But there’s a problem… As soon as we begin enjoying our

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