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Every Great Album Has A Story

VMP seeks to experience music more deeply, and they believe in the power of the album as an art form. Subscribe to VMP record club and start exploring new music as you receive your exclusive record delivered monthly.

Having recently celebrated the release of their 100th Essentials Record of the Month release, there’s still a lot more music exploration to come!


Get an exclusive record delivered monthly, starting at $33/month.

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Ten of the Best Vinyl Record Subscription Services in 2023

Across the vinyl community, there is a shared appreciation for the experience of collecting and playing records. We all have an affection for the physical product and the extra dimension it brings to the music we love. As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, there is a growing number of vinyl record subscriptions and record

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Vinyl Me Please Review: VMP Essentials – Worth It?

VMP (Vinyl Me, Please) is one of the world’s most established record clubs. Their special releases and collaborative approach have earned them a reputation for producing some of the most desirable pressings in the industry.  To learn more about what makes VMP such a desirable record club, we delve into their latest Essentials Record of the Month release. After which,

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Top Record Cleaning Tools for Better Sounding Records


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