How to Look After Your Vinyl Records (Part Two)

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In 2015, sales of vinyl records grew for the tenth consecutive year, and while millions of music fans are rediscovering the joy of music on wax, they’re also learning how maintenance comes with the territory. As we’ve already established in our first post about vinyl record care – great sounding records require care and attention. In this second edition, we’ll cover plenty more methods … Read More

Why You Should Clean New Vinyl Records

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It’s common knowledge that vinyl records need the occasional clean from time-to-time. Used record purchases, in particular, should always be cleaned before they go anywhere near your turntable and stylus. Dirty records not only sound bad, but they also exacerbate stylus wear and contaminate your turntable – spreading the muck across your precious vinyl collection. What most people don’t realise, … Read More

How to Look After Your Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records have made a real resurgence, with recent sales figures reaching their highest since 1996. In fact, vinyl has experienced such an extensive rejuvenation that suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand whilst sales of other physical formats – such as CD – have long been in decline. The exact reason for vinyls rebirth is up for debate. … Read More